Constructing An Inspiration

Constructing An Inspiration Here you see a beautiful pair of drop earrings in aquamarine and rainbow moonstone. A design like this often starts with the gems. I get an inspiration when I see the elements.  In this case, I matched two aquamarine cabochons of unusual color and clarity.  I knew that they had to be [...]

Tuscon Never Ceases To Amaze !!

Tucson Never Ceases To Amaze! All the great things at the Tucson Gem Show aren’t just in the major “gem” exhibitions at the city center. I always like to spend at least half of my visit “on the street”.  I like to frequent the roadside tents and dark hallways of the smaller shows that comprise [...]

Did You Ever Hear The One About The Artist & The Jeweler?

Did You Ever Hear The One About The Artist & The Jeweler? The gorgeous ring that you see is the result of a wonderful collaboration.  Quite often I will be speaking to visitors in the studio who show an interest in actually making jewelry themselves.  I always make it a point to encourage their interest.  [...]

I Always Like A Challenge That is Outside The Box

I Always Like A Challenge That is Outside The Box A couple for whom I have made a number of great pieces was visiting Carmel.  We share many years of friendship, and they are the source of my favorite BBQ rib recipe.   They came on a mission.  They wanted me to create for each of [...]

The Tucson Gem Show Never Lets Me Down

The Tucson Gem Show Never Lets Me Down! I wanted to share with you some photos from the last Tucson Gem Show.  I have been attending this show almost every year since 1975, and the show seems to be wilder and bigger every year! This year a client asked me to create a ring and [...]

A Ring Worth Waiting For

A Ring Worth Waiting For ! One weekend day a couple came by the studio.  As I greeted them, they said that they were visiting and owned one of my pendants and loved it!  In the course of our conversation I learned that they were actually visiting to get ideas about a new setting for [...]

When Something Old Is New Again

When Something Old Is New Again ! A woman who has always admired my jewelry was in the studio and told me that she had some pieces that she wasn’t wearing.  She wanted to know if I could do something with an existing piece of jewelry that was made with a number of diamonds.  I [...]

A Happy Holiday to All!

A Happy Holiday to All! We always look forward to decorating our windows for the holidays! It’s that time of year when the days get shorter, and the nights come earlier.  I enjoy the feeling of being warm and snug in my studio, making surprises to be shared at Christmas time. We want to thank [...]

It was great to make a dream come true

Here is a fabulous Starbrite-cut blue topaz with white gold and diamonds.  What could be better? I could write a blog about the annual Tucson Gem Show.  After a day of looking at “gems”, it’s always fun to relax and also look at “rocks”. A close friend of mine is a mineral collector.  His wife [...]

If this looks like fun, it was

“If this looks like fun, it was” Two of our favorite clients, Sharon and Diane, dropped by the studio.  Sharon asked if I could make a watch band for her unusual vintage gold watch. I had recently made Sharon a fabulous lapis, blue sapphire and ruby ring.  Sharon is very adventurous and had chosen the [...]