A Happy Holiday to All!

A Happy Holiday to All! We always look forward to decorating our windows for the holidays! It’s that time of year when the days get shorter, and the nights come earlier.  I enjoy the feeling of being warm and snug in my studio, making surprises to be shared at Christmas time. We want to thank [...]

It was great to make a dream come true

Here is a fabulous Starbrite-cut blue topaz with white gold and diamonds.  What could be better? I could write a blog about the annual Tucson Gem Show.  After a day of looking at “gems”, it’s always fun to relax and also look at “rocks”. A close friend of mine is a mineral collector.  His wife [...]

If this looks like fun, it was

“If this looks like fun, it was” Two of our favorite clients, Sharon and Diane, dropped by the studio.  Sharon asked if I could make a watch band for her unusual vintage gold watch. I had recently made Sharon a fabulous lapis, blue sapphire and ruby ring.  Sharon is very adventurous and had chosen the [...]

Summer in Carmel

Summer in Carmel When the days get longer during the summer, there’s more time to enjoy the Monterey Peninsula.  Photo courtesy of Evoking Images. In The Barnyard, our gallery enjoys a view of the exquisite gardens in an outdoor setting.  The gardens bloom all year round, especially during the summer.  That’s us upstairs on the [...]

You have to love a special request.

“You have to love a special request” A couple who often mark a special occasion with a piece of my jewelry came to me with a request. They wanted to know if I could create a necklace using the symbols that they had in their matching tattoos.  While they were in the store I took [...]

Often you don’t know the outcome until its finished.

“Often you don't know the outcome until its finished” A very adventurous client who lives out of state was interested in a pair of boulder opal earrings.  Her only request was that they be blue. I had only a single large gem blue boulder opal that had purchased at the Tucson Gem Show.  I had [...]

I’ve learned a lot from my clients

“I’ve learned a lot from my clients.” It’s always great when I get a commission to create a suite that I always wanted to make.  A couple had seen a ring in all yellow gold. They asked if the design could be recreated in white and yellow gold.  I immediately created the design modification that [...]

Sometimes the biggest challenges reap the greatest rewards

“Sometimes the biggest challenges reap the greatest rewards.” Our client called with a special request.  Her favorite amethyst ring in one of my classic designs needed a little more sparkle. She had seen a ring in the studio that was a diamond band for a similar ring in diamond and asked if that design could [...]