Boulder Opal ,Blue Moonstone and Blue Sapphire Ring

• 1 Australian boulder opal 16.5×7.5mm (4.20cts)

• 2 oval cabochon blue moonstones 8x6mm (0.72cts in total)

• 2 round cabochon blue sapphires 3.5mm (0.60cts in total)

• Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold

• 7.0mm in width

• Piece code: RGS195

• $1,200

Handmade in USA

Here is a sculpture for the hand that is large and eclectic. The mix of opal, moonstones and sapphires has a playful feeling. The silver seems to move around your finger to hold the gems. The gold bezel adds character to the large sterling silver ring. This is a conversation piece that you will never tire of admiring.