Pink Cobalto Calcite, Rhodolite and Amethyst Drop Earrings

  • 2 long triangular pink cobalto calcites 37.5×12.5mm (22.34cts in total)
  • 2 round cabochon rhodolite garnets 2.5mm (0.22cts in total)
  • 2 round cabochon amethysts 3.5mm (0.40cts in total)
  • 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and 18K white gold
  • Approximately 2 inches in length from top to bottom
  • Piece code: E1168
  • $1,900

The only thing you can say about these earrings is, “Stunning!”  From bottom to top, these are a sensation in pink.  The eye-catching long drops of vibrant pink cobalto calcite are like no other drusy.  The pair were cut from a single large stone that I bought at the Tucson Gem Show.  And how did I cut them?  Very carefully.  The avant-garde-style tops are a playful mixture of amethyst and garnet cabochons in yellow and rose gold with white gold accents.  These earrings are long and graceful in colors that don’t seem real.  What more can one ask for?