Rhodolite Garnet Rose Cut’s with Golden Spessartine Garnet Drop Earrings

  • 2 oval rose-cut rhodolite garnets 18.5x13mm (12.00cts in total)
  • 2 round faceted spessartine garnets 5mm (1.30cts in total)
  • 18K pink gold and 14K yellow gold
  • Approximately 1  1/2 inches in length from top to bottom
  • Piece code: E1238
  • $1,100
  • Hand made in USA
  • Original one-of-a-kind

These earrings are singularly graceful.  The shapes of the one-of-a-kind elements and the colors all together give it a touch of quirkiness.  The elegant simplicity and movement of the transparent rhodolites catch your eye like pieces of a stained glass window.  The gems have a very unusual free-form oval shape with the cabochons having a checkerboard top.  I had never seen this before.  In mixing these two colors, I found a balance that worked that is simple, clean, and beautiful.  Go ahead and try them on.  When you do, you won’t take them off!