Lemon Citrine Oval and Golden Beryl Trillion “Wow” Ring

  • 1 oval lemon citrine 20x15mm (28.56cts)
  • 2 trillion-cut golden beryls 8x8x8mm (2.83cts in total)
  • 18K yellow gold and 18K white gold
  • Piece code: R1574
  • $3,500
  • Handmade in USA
  • Original design

Is the expression, “Wow”, overused? Sometimes you just have to use it. When you see this ring, you will say, “Wow!” I did when I purchased this almost-inch-long lemon citrine. The faceting draws you into the stone, only the way a large gem can. Light yellow 8mm trillions (2.83cts) of the clearest and brightest golden beryl create a ring with the colors of the sun. Set in a bold, tall hand-fabricated 18K white and 18K yellow gold framework design, the idea came from looking at structural architecture. However, on the finger, the ring almost disappears, leaving just the 28.50ct oval lemon citrine floating above the finger. This series has been quite a hit with the clients coming in and out of our studio.