Briolette Gem Bead Necklace in Opal and Tones of Blue Necklace

  • 1 strand of assorted briolettes of blue topaz, opal, aquamarine, peridot, zircon and apatite 11x7mm to 9.5x9mm
  • 100 18K yellow gold roundels 3.0mm
  • 18K yellow gold
  • Approximately 19 1/2 inches in length
  • Piece code: P965
  • $2,150

Okay, I’ve tried. I just can’t capture the beauty of this necklace in a photograph. The mixture of colors, shapes and sizes comes alive when you put this necklace on. How about blues, greens, and opal too with a sprinkling of hand-made gold beads that come to life in this necklace? In this neckpiece, there are gem-quality briolettes of aquamarine, topaz, zircon and opals… to name a few. Sharon’s keen eye will delight you with her artistic choices in this one-of-a-kind briolette necklace.