I enjoy working in an art form that brings joy to so many people. For me, the process with all its  challenges , the elements of nature that I work with daily and the satisfaction  of seeing  people express  themselves through my art work is rewarding .

I draw on the history of jewelry for my inspiration. I am influenced by the fabrication of ancient Egypt and the hard-edge design elements of Art Deco to the Fifties for my lost wax work. I have always been fascinated with gems and minerals, which are a big part of my one-of-a-kind pieces. I am always seeking something new and innovative as well as practical to be a  hallmark in my work.

In college, I studied graphic design with a focus on advertising art and airbrush illustration. Those talent brought me to a commercial design studio in Hollywood, CA. While working in Ad art I spent all my spare time making and studying art  jewelry. In 1973 I moved to beautiful Carmel,CA. to pursue jewelry full time. Establishing a studio gallery of my work which we closed  after 49 years to pursue this yet adventure..