“Without great clients you can’t make great jewelry”

Here is a photo journey of how we create a truly one-of-a-kind piece.  Our client was living out of state.  This commission was done by phone and e-mail exclusively.

We decided we would make a ring so we settled on a turquoise-blue zircon.  We had made a ring with a pink zircon that she had purchased at the Gem Roundtable.  Our idea was to complement her collection of zircon and use two long gem silica cabochons from my collection.

I e-mailed her a rough sketch that incorporated the concept of facing diamonds to add a little unexpected detail.

Having made the white gold elements, I carved the wax around the zircon, gem silicas and diamonds. The gem silicas were set so the tips could be seen through, a wonderful effect.

Here you see the finished ring, the beautiful result of a truly artistic collaboration.