“Every piece has a story.”

This was a wonderful project to embark on.  Our client called and wanted to make something out of her mother’s assortment of rings.  She wanted it to be a remembrance of her mother. I suggested that we incorporate all the diamonds that her mother had worn into one fabulous piece. Our client lived a distance away so we would only have one face-to-face meeting.

The rings were a collection of all different sizes of diamond.

I did the original drawing at our meeting.  The stones were mounted at the time so I estimated their scale.  I suggested that the ring be designed to be worn exclusively on the right hand, taking into consideration that the stones would flow across the finger to make sure they all fit. The client had a petite finger size so this added to the challenge of creating something …

The design approval was done via e-mail with these photos.  She loved the idea.

I didn’t send her a photo of the finished ring.  We just mailed it.  She called when it arrived and I could hear the excitement in her voice.  It was a little loose but she could wear it on another finger until she had the opportunity to visit the studio in Carmel.

We sized the ring while she waited and you see the result here.