This fantastic black Boulder Opal is a great example of what you will see on our website,


On our site you will see photos that show multiple angles of each gem and mineral in a variety of lighting sources . All of this is for your complete appreciation of each item that is in our ” Gems and Minerals” section.

As a starting point we have included examples of designs that I have created with similar elements. Now the fun begins for us to create a unique piece of jewelry that makes your personal statement.

There are all kinds of great- looking gems to choose from. For example, here we have a very unusual color Tourmaline faceted in an equality intriguing way.

Let your imagination run wild..Is it going to be a ring or a pendant? Do we add more color stones?  What do you think about using Baguette Diamonds? 

OK. Let’s talk..

You will always find lots of earring elements to choose from.  I have always enjoyed designing earrings.  The biggest challenge in making earrings is procuring elements in matched pairs.  You will find here  the collection of gems that I have accumulated over the years as I continue to pursue my passion for creating great earrings.

I welcome you to experience our Virtual Roundtable soon.  There will be new elements added weekly to excite your imagination.  I encourage you to call us at (831) 6245171 to chat about these or any other gems that are on your wish list.