“Often you don’t know the outcome until its finished”

A very adventurous client who lives out of state was interested in a pair of boulder opal earrings.  Her only request was that they be blue.

I had only a single large gem blue boulder opal that had purchased at the Tucson Gem Show.  I had planned to cut them it in half from the start.  The pattern in the opal seemed to repeat itself and could be made into a great matched pair.  I sent her a photo.

The cutting of the stone was a success!  I knew that she was a fan of moonstone as well as opal so I emailed her a photo that incorporated a pair of black moonstones and a pair of blue moonstones.  She loved the combination.

I sent this series of drawings and she chose the style at the far right.

As you can see, the earrings ended up looking quite different from the original drawing.  After roughing out the gold work, I was concerned about the weight.  We had worked together before.  I thought that the changes would be an improvement on my original idea so I went with my intuition, and she loved the result.