Fire Opal Trillion Buff Top Gem

  • Orange Fire Opal trillion (triangle shape) buff top
  • 10 mm x 10 mm x 10mm x 6 mm
  • 2.19 cts.
  • Origin: Mexico
  • $800
  • SALE
  • $600

Orange opal, which is often referred to as Fire Opal, is a singular and unique color in nature.  A true orange color is rare in the gem kingdom.  But here we have just that.  This Opal does not have the internal color play often associated with Opal.  But it is prized for its orange/red colors.  This vivid triangular Fire Opal has a lot of sparkle because it is faceted on the back and polished on the face.  We call this combination cut a “buff top”.  This gem can be designed for a ring or a pendant.As a ring it would have to be worn with care like any other Opal gem.  However, designed correctly it can be protected for ease of wear.  We know that you have the perfect wardrobe for this color so let’s get started.

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