Garnet’s in Hessonite and Spessartine Cabochon Celtic King Ring in 18K and 24K Gold

  • Garnet round hessonite cabochon (1) 17x8mm (22.68cts)
  • Garnet oval spessartite cabochons (2) 9x6x4mm (6.19cts in total)
  • 18K yellow gold and 24K gold bezels
  • Piece code: R1598
  • $4,700
  • Handmade in USA
  • Original & one of a kind
  • All pieces are hand fabricated and may have tool marks or impressions from that process.
  • A full written report by a G.I.A. trained gemologist is included.

Garnet was worn by the Kings of old.  I’ve always been aware that a number of my designs are historically inspired. This ring could have been from the Mogul Empire or unearthed from a Celtic tomb. I love the large cabochons in these colors that harmonize with the 24K and 18K yellow golds. The center round African Hessonite is over 22cts. The side stones are Garnet again with over 6cts of African Spessartine. The large ring set with these hard durable stones would certainly be suitable for everyday wear. This ring is not for every woman, but it’s perfect for you!