Lapis Lazuli, Maw Sit Sit and Pink Spinel Earring Suite

  • Maw Sit Sit, ( jade -albite) ovals
  • 13 mm x 8mm x 3 mm
  • 8.61 cts. tw.
  • Origin: Myanmar (Burma)
  • Lapis Lazuli, ovals
  • 8 mm x 6 mm x 2 mm
  • 2.04 cts. tw.
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Pink spinel, round cabochons
  • 2 mm
  • .20 cts. tw.
  • Origin: Sri Lanka
  • $900

I think that it’s the fluorescent green that draws you in.  The name of this gem is one of the oddest and most exotic in the mineral kingdom. The name is Maw Sit Sit. I am sure that you will agree.  It’s actually named after the place in Myanmar (Burma) where it’s only been found for a century. It’s considered a member of the Jade family and has jadeite in it mixed with some other minerals.  This pair of long ovals are especially beautiful. Don’t you agree?  The blue Lapis Lazuli mixes so well and is also a gem that is a combination of minerals.  And last but not least are two bright pink Spinels. The Spinels really pull the group together.  I can’t wait to see these gems show their real beauty in articulated drop earrings.  So let’s get started!!

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