Moss Agate and Amethyst Multi Pendant

  • Moss Agate from Brazil, half moon shape cabochon
  • 26 mm x 15 mm x 10 mm
  • 26.90 cts.
  • Amethyst, faceted oval
  • 8 mm x 6 mm x 4 mm
  • 1.14 cts.
  • 18K and 14K red, yellow and white gold
  • 2 1/4 inches long
  • Handmade in U.S.A. by Michael Sherman
  • All pieces are hand fabricated and may have tool marks or impressions from that process.
  •  Bead Necklace, Collar or Chain are sold separately
  • Piece Code: P1023
  • $1800
  • SALE PRICE : $1600.00

The rich amethyst sits atop a crescent moon.  On closer inspection the intrigue mounts. The tension-set crescent moon has a world within.  The deep cabochon-cut gem has pastel clouds that suggest a photo taken from the Hubble telescope of distant galaxies or maybe a photo taken from beneath sea corals?  Pastel lavender and green glint from its depths as you and your admirer’s eyes move around the totem-like pendant.  Wear it alone or with another pendant from my Multi collection.  Go ahead; you need a little fashion intrigue in your wardrobe.

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