Rutile in Quartz Crescent with Rainbow Pyrite and Citrine Marquise Set

  • Rutile in Quartz Crescent Cab, 28 mm x 12 mm x 6mm
  • 24.30 cts.
  • Origen: Brazil
  • Citrine Marquise, 15 mm x 7 mm x 5 mm
  • 2.59 cts.
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Rainbow Pyrite Triangle, 28 mm x 11 mm x 6mm
  • 15.65 cts.
  • Origin: Kazakhstan 1980
  • $ 1400

This Rutile in Quartz crescent cab , rainbow pyrite and Citrine marquise set is just design dynamite!  The colors, the shapes and the art of these gems are waiting to be worn.  The “fin-cut” Rutile in Quartz is like looking into another world.  The see-through stone is polished on all sides.  It can be the top (my first instinct) or the bottom.  The stone was cut by one of the foremost cutters in this genre.  The Rainbow Pyrite triangle has a Tanzanite blue color which is the rarest and one of the most beautiful forms of this mineral. This stone was cut in U.S.A. and purchased it the 1970’s at the Tucson Gem Show. The marquise cut of the Citrine puts darker color on the ends to make the stone seem to be two colors. Each element has a uniqueness that creates a whole that is a conversation waiting to happen.

To purchase this set please call (831) 6245171 or for a video and a  design consultation.