Tiffany Stone

  • Tiffany Stone (Opalized Fluorite) Pendant Gem
  • 36 mm x 27.5 mm x 6 mm
  • 53 .40 cts.
  • Origen: Utah
  • $700

I always am on the hunt for stones that say something, you know, like ones that make the best conversation pieces.  This has a great fashion feeling too.  The rare stones I like have intricate patterns that look as if they had been hand painted. This stone is actually a rock like Lapis Lazuli (Lazulite, Calcite and Pyrite) that is made of specific minerals, mostly Opal, Fluorite and Calcite (along with a few other minerals) and is from one location in Utah.  It would be best for neck wear and perhaps mixed with small amethysts (light and dark).  Well, you get the look!

To purchase this gem please call (831) 6245171 or for video and a  design consultation.