Tourmaline Crystal Bicolor Slices

  • Green & Pink Tourmaline Slices
  • (2) 21 mm x 16 mm x 3 mm
  • 24.26 cts. tw
  • Origen: Brazil
  • $1600

Sometimes the oddest gems make the coolest jewelry.  These are different even for multi-colored Tourmaline slices.  At about an inch by 1/2 inch, they are a great size for a drop earring.  The colors are like a stained cut-glass window.  That’s why I always collect the gems that are great to look through.  I especially like the ribbon of red that runs half way around the green core.  You have to ask,” How did that happen?”  The example pieces give you an idea of what we could do.  But you never know where we could go with these crazy-shaped “watermelon” slices!

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