Perusing The Miles Of Aisles

 At The Tucson Gem Shows








I have walked these aisles with friends and clients for many years.  They told me after these experiences, that this is the pose of me that they most remember…a view of my back!

The street was my destination the first day.  The major shows had not opened yet which gave me the great opportunity to just spend time looking.  It was windy and cold outside but well worth taking the time to look.

When the shows open, it is always the usual.  Everything is mixed together; and you never know what you’ll see.

Much of my time at the show is spent filling my clients’ wish lists.  FYI, the green beads are tsavorite garnet.

Tucson never fails to amaze me.  I enjoy the opportunities and the challenges it presents.  And the beauty of the landscape and the gems stick with me all year.