Did You Ever Hear The One About The Artist & The Jeweler?

The gorgeous ring that you see is the result of a wonderful collaboration.  Quite often I will be speaking to visitors in the studio who show an interest in actually making jewelry themselves.  I always make it a point to encourage their interest.  Whether they get a good “how-to” book or take a class at a community college, the experience is worthwhile.

A great friend and client, with whom I have made some of her favorite jewelry, attended a Roundtable event with her daughter.  A good time was had by all, and her daughter chose an aquamarine crystal strand from which we made a beautiful necklace and earrings.  In the course of creating these pieces, we found that we had a shared interest as professional commercial designers.  I encouraged her to use her talents for possibly designing jewelry.

I was pleasantly surprised when for Mother’s Day she presented her mother with a ring design for a gem citrine that was custom cut by Roger Dery.  Her mother, who is a big fan of color, also wanted to add tsavorite garnets to spice up the look.

Here is the wax carving based on her drawing. The challenge was to keep the feeling of the drawing in an actual ring. I liked the design very much, and with some technical refinements I was able to be faithful to the original design idea.

The ring was “a long distance” project so all of this was done by phone and email.  The result of our collaboration is a very photogenic ring that is also stunning when worn!  I hope that she keeps designing jewelry because she certainly has a talent!