Tourmaline Green Gem Crystal

  • Green Tourmaline Gem Crystal
  • 16.5 mm x 6.25 mm
  • 9.25cts.
  • Origin : Brazil
  • $1600

Here is a gem of a crystal.  It is slightly over an inch long and a beautiful clear green.  Crystals like this are usually faceted into long-bar finished gems.  But I was fortunate to spirit this off a cutter’s bench so that we could design a beautiful and powerful crystal pendant instead.  It will make a fantastic statement as it’s a design unto itself.  The Art Deco skyscraper look is undeniable.  The gem’s light green color is preferred for its brightness among Tourmalines and is a great fashion color.  So let this crystal do its stuff by promoting happiness and inspiration for you when you wear it.

To purchase his gem mineral  please call (831) 6245171 or for a video and a design consultation.