Michael Sherman Jewelry Designs was established in Carmel, California in 1972 to share Michael’s custom jewelry designs in Monterey Bay.  Michael has built his reputation on his artistry and craftsmanship.  Old World insights combined with contemporary design have been his hallmark.  His professional art background has kept his jewelry on the leading edge.  We have always been involved in making sure that our sources are conflict-free and environmentally-aware.  Care and attention are given to each handcrafted piece as well as to every client.

A visit to our studio/gallery was a treat that you would always remember.  Michael can also apply his design talents and his experience to recreate a jewel or to design a special piece for you.

Michael’s principles of Old World service and quality were reflected in the store itself.  His staff included a full-time resident gemologist to ensure that only top-quality stones are used. His experienced sales associates would provide perfect service, whether you were in the store or out of town.


When you visited our sunlit studio/gallery, which overlooked the gardens of The Barnyard, it was a unique Carmel experience.


The creating of handcrafted jewelry is a fascinating art.  We can take you through some of the steps in that process.



Please phone or e-mail us for more information.  Delivery mail service is provided at no extra charge.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!