“I enjoy working in an art form that brings joy to so many people. For me the process with all it’s  challenges, the elements of nature  that I work with daily and the satisfaction of seeing  people  express  themselves  through  my art is rewarding .”

Michael draws on history for his inspiration , wether it be the fabrication technique of ancient Egypt or the modernest design motifs in his lost wax work. His fascination  with gems and minerals are a big influence in his one-of-kind pieces. He has always made sure that his sources are conflict-free and environmentally aware. Always seeking something innovative as well as practical is his hallmark.

Almost always Michael  starts with a theme for the piece or series. Often a particular gem and how to set it for function and beauty will do it. A historic style say, Art Deco, b ut with his twist will inspire him. It could be an original design for s hinge or style of gem mounting  for a custom cut stone that will start the process. Whenever the motivation it’s the hands on work he enjoys most.

In college Michael studied graphic design with a focus on ad art and airbrush illustration. A chance elective class in jewelry making sparked his interests in design and making of  gold and silver pieces. His graphic talents brought him to a  commercial art studio in Hollywood , Ca.that specialized in packaging design. In his  spare time he studied and created Jewelry on his own.

The store opened in 1972 has closed to make way for the next evolution of Michael Sherman Jewelry Designs. By using our fabulous web site and with phone and email we can give you the service and quality you have always experienced .

I am receiving new commissions and requests for items from the web site daily.I am seeing local and visiting clients at the office in Monterey by appointment on Saturdays and Sunday. I am still able to give our long time and new clients a ” One-Of-a- Kind” jewelry experience. I hope to hear from you soon.