“If this looks like fun, it was”

Two of our favorite clients, Sharon and Diane, dropped by the studio.  Sharon asked if I could make a watch band for her unusual vintage gold watch.

I had recently made Sharon a fabulous lapis, blue sapphire and ruby ring.  Sharon is very adventurous and had chosen the stones from my collection of one-of-a-kind gems.

I had made my assistant a bracelet of mixed cabochons that we showed to Sharon, and she really liked it.  We all thought that it would make a great watch band so we picked through a number of beautiful cabochons to find the perfect elements for her band.

Here are Sharon and Diane after “a lot of hard work” picking gems from my collection.  All of this took place at the counter in our sun-lit studio.

See here the progress as the bracelet took shape beautifully.  I changed the number of stones and their order to get just the perfect fit.

Here you see the finished bracelet with the watch.  The rose and white gold combination was a natural with the cabochons, and the team effort resulted in a truly gorgeous one-of-a-kind bracelet.

The bracelet fit like a glove, and we were all smiles.