“Sometimes the biggest challenges reap the greatest rewards.”

Our client called with a special request.  Her favorite amethyst ring in one of my classic designs needed a little more sparkle.

She had seen a ring in the studio that was a diamond band for a similar ring in diamond and asked if that design could be adapted to her amethyst ring.  The answer was, “Yes,” and this is what I designed.

After seeing the newly-designed ring, it didn’t quite fulfill her vision.  Did I have any other ideas?  Since she was a long distance client, I sent her this rough drawing.  She had said that she wanted the diamonds band to complement, not compete with the original amethyst ring.  I thought this was a creative way to do that.

I sent her a photo of this wax so that she could visualize the concept.  She was delighted!

The finished diamond band clips inside the band of the amethyst ring and is a beautiful complement that she really loves.