I Always Like A Challenge That is Outside The Box

A couple for whom I have made a number of great pieces was visiting Carmel.  We share many years of friendship, and they are the source of my favorite BBQ rib recipe.   They came on a mission.  They wanted me to create for each of the daughters a ring that would become a family heirloom piece for each of them.  I would have over a year to create the set of rings.  I would have no limits; the only criterion was that each ring would be special.

We immediately kicked around a couple of concepts that day.  I did some thumbnail drawings.  The fine tuning would all have to be done by email or phone.  We started with a ruby ring for one of the daughters who was graduating from veterinarian school.  My idea was to create a ring that would be a fashion-forward “class ring”.

We had made a decision that the veterinarian logo and her initials would be incorporated into the design.  Here are some of the photos from the conversations we had.

In the meantime, the second ring was taking shape.  The concept of having a ruby theme for both of the rings came into play.  We refined the thumbnail drawing from our original conversation at the studio.  The ring was to be the ultimate San Francisco 49er-fan ring.  It would incorporate the team’s colors of red and gold as well as a team slogan.

The lettering of the slogan would have the look of a Super Bowl-style ring.   I felt that the best way to develop the lettering for the slogan would be to use the latest in computer technology.  Here are some of the photos we exchanged as the ring progressed.

The ring was taking shape.  The design was based on my classic signature wedge ring but with a twist.

Here you see the fabulous set of heirloom rings.  Wow!!