The Tucson Gem Show Never Lets Me Down!

I wanted to share with you some photos from the last Tucson Gem Show.  I have been attending this show almost every year since 1975, and the show seems to be wilder and bigger every year!

This year a client asked me to create a ring and bracelet to complement a great strand of large rose quartz crystals that she had purchased at a Roundtable event.

One of the greatest aspects of this show is that one can always count on finding the perfect gems to fill an unusual request like this.  After combing through the aisles, I found a Brazilian gem dealer who seemed to have just what I needed.  I was able to look through bags of beautifully-cut, top-grade rose quartz cabochons that I could not have found anywhere else without personally going to Brazil to buy them.  I was not only able to choose a number of stones for a ring and bracelet, but I was also able to pick gems with a star phenomenon in each of them.

These pieces were created with gems purchased at this year’s Tucson Gem Show.  Check them out on our website at