Constructing An Inspiration

Here you see a beautiful pair of drop earrings in aquamarine and rainbow moonstone. A design like this often starts with finding the gems as in this case.

I often get an inspiration from when I see the elements.  In this case I was able to  matched two aquamarine cabochons of unusual color and clarity.  I knew the design  had to be  drop earrings that let the light come through the aqua cabochons to enhance the ethereal spell of the gems.  I seldom draw the design for a piece when I am making them for the studio.  I have a rough idea, but I like to keep the door open for changes.  In this case, I found two blue-rainbow moonstones that worked beautifully with the aquas.  I felt that the choice of white gold with an overlay of yellow gold would enhance the sky-blue tones of the aquamarines.

I then thought that an Art Nouveau-inspired design would be ideal.  The best approach to make them would be hand-construction.  (See “How It’s Made” under Custom on our website.)  The design i chose shows off the tall cabochon cut of the gems.  When designing an earring I am always aware that in a drop earring it  is mostly viewed from the side, rarely straight on.  The cabochon cuts in both of these gems work excellently to show off the  best of their characteristics.

After the inspiration of constructing the first drop for the earrings, it’s always a challenge to make its complement!  I particularly like the challenges of a design that has a distinct right side and left side to the earring.

The design of the top of an earring is often the most challenging.  The ergonomics of the whole earring pivot on this.  In this larger earring, I chose a disk design to work with the omega clip backs used for ease and comfort.  They also allow the option to move the post if necessary to balance the earring.  The design of the top of earrings was totally original and abstract.  I used an etching technique and overlay to create the unique character of these elements.

Here you see all of the elements laid out ready to be polished and assembled.  I was once advised that it takes beautiful elements to make beautiful jewels. And as you can see here, I followed that good advice.

Here you have it!  It’s a beautiful pair of hand-constructed one-of-a-kind earrings.  This story has a happy ending.  They found their way under a Christmas tree this past Christmas and are being happily worn today.