Tucson Never Ceases To Amaze!

All the great things at the Tucson Gem Show aren’t just in the major “gem” exhibitions at the city center.

I always like to spend at least half of my visit “on the street”.  I like to frequent the roadside tents and dark hallways of the smaller shows that comprise the 26 different shows that are occurring simultaneously.  There is a world of wonders to see there.  At these shows I have made some of my best finds to create beautiful things that you have never seen before.

This is an average day at the show, or at least it is for me.

One of the best parts of the Tucson Gem Show is connecting with far-flung friends.  Here I am with Marc Jobin and family from Madagascar.  They have brought to the show the best rough gems and minerals that Madagascar has had to offer for over 40 years.

I enjoy filling requests from clients during the year that would be impossible to fill anywhere else.  Here are three fabulous pieces that were the result of this year’s show.  The wonderfully-matched tourmalines are from Bahia, Brazil.  The boulder opal is from Australia, and the rich amethysts are from Uruguay.  All of these gems were purchased from direct sources with whom I have worked with for many years.

The vast selection of gems makes it possible to create pieces like these.  I especially like the triangles in these designs.

At the end of the day, it’s a must to see the sunset before going off to a well-earned dinner at one of Tucson’s many great restaurants.