A Ring Worth Waiting For !

One weekend day a couple came by the studio.  As I greeted them, they said that they were visiting and owned one of my pendants and loved it!  In the course of our conversation I learned that they were actually visiting to get ideas about a new setting for their original wedding ring.  The ring they showed me was a beautiful marquise diamond set in a simple yellow gold setting.

We spent some time looking at my current collection and the extensive selection of wedding rings on our iPad. One ring kept catching their attention.  The setting would be ideal for her long fingers and the graceful marquise diamond.  They said they were going to be in town for a few days and would give the new setting some thought.  Well, sure enough, they were back much sooner than I had expected, and we excitedly confirmed the design.

I then explained our process since they lived out of state and were heading for home soon.  Here are the photos that I sent them of their marquise diamond set in the wax. At first sight, they couldn’t believe that it was their stone.

In the course of making the ring, we had a number of phone conversations.  These are the photos that I sent them to mark our progress.  After seeing these photos, we decided to add diamonds to the sides of the marquise.  There were examples of this look on our studio iPad. Here you see the results of our efforts.  Wow!!

After the ring was finished, they had the occasion to stop by the studio again.  As you can see, we were all very pleased, and it was definitely the ring worth waiting for.