There Is A Life After Being A “Brick & Mortar”


I have never done anything in a traditional way.  So when I’m asked how do I like being retired, which is constantly, I remind them that I call this a transition not a retirement.  I don’t think a painter or a sculptor would or could retire in the traditional sense either.  I have always enjoyed the actual crafting of a piece of jewelry as-well as  sharing  the experience with my clients.  Why would I change that?

The whole time we were moving I had an idea in my head about making a new suite of pendants.  I think that the idea of making them up was what had  kept me sane during the transition.  I have  titled this series “Multi Pendants”.  They can be worn independently or layered as shown  in the photos you see here. 

The pieces you see here are the first to come from my new studio.  It was a little  strange feeling at first, but it didn’t take long to enjoy working at the bench again.  As you can see here looking at this beautiful assortment of rings, earrings and pendants.

I had always wanted to create an experience similar to the Roundtable’s at the gallery on my web site.  The Roundtable events always provided the thrill of discovering unexpected gems.  This new section of the web site is titled “Gems and Minerals” and will give you an opportunity to see as-well as purchase items from my exciting  personal collection of jewelry elements.

As you all know I have always been a fan of gem beads.  I wanted to create something as an alternative to wearing a chain with a pendant.  Since we had so much success when we introducing  you to our black  nitril collars I was encouraged to try.  This time I wanted to have more color and variety in a pendant necklace combination.  I felt a bead necklace designed for a pendant would be the perfect solution.  The beautiful result is what you see here.

These are just a few of the pieces I have created for “the store”.   There are a dozen new jewels on the web site with wonderful photos and descriptions.  Please take a look and give me a call at (831)6245171