“You have to love a special request”

A couple who often mark a special occasion with a piece of my jewelry came to me with a request.

They wanted to know if I could create a necklace using the symbols that they had in their matching tattoos.  While they were in the store I took a picture of their interlocking infinity symbols and I said, “I shall have to give it some thought, but I can certainly create a unique piece.”  I also thought that there should be some diamonds, of course, in the design.  The couple was visiting so all future communication from here on would be done via photographs and phone conversations.

I emailed them these rough photos, and then I followed up with a phone call.  I suggested that we use two colors of gold to represent each of them.  I also suggested that the interlocking infinity symbols be attached to a chain to make a complete necklace that could be worn every day.

I decided to fabricate the piece out of the two colors of gold rather than use a wax-carving technique.  Here are the hand-fabricated white and yellow 18K gold elements.

This is a drawing that I did for myself to work out the interlocking aspect of the infinity symbols.

Here is the finished necklace.  The diamond placement was chosen to highlight the interlocking infinity elements.  The necklace was left with a slightly rough finish to give it a hand-made-one-of-a-kind feeling.  They were both pleased, and the necklace is worn everyday.